Tuesday’s 10

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1. The best of Star Wars for 2007…you will learn that I am obsessed with Star Wars. I remember obsessively waiting for updates on what would be occuring at the Rosebowl Parade. We bought the stamps…but I never saw the mailboxes. I especially like the collectibles…though I am sad that this was the year Husband had to start over on my Princess Leia outfit (the metal was too heavy). I could go on for some time on Star Wars…but on to item Number 2.

2. Spaceballs: “Use Your Schwartz ” hat and various Druish Princess items

3. Recipe: Peach and Coconut Upside Down Cake

4. In May, there will be a Chris Farley biography.


I heard about “Resolution, Resolution” last year…Mark Day is funny. What are your resolutions and what do you think of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq?

6. Pineapple Cherry Cake: “A pink cake with pineapple and nuts. This is a traditional favorite. It’s very pretty too! It tastes great with cream cheese icing and coconut sprinkled on the top.”

7. R.I.P. John de Becker…anti-Nazi Austrian army officer.
Speaking of Hitler, there was a misunderstanding recently in which it was reported that Will Smith was praising Hitler…such was not the case.

8. Elvis:

—–It is possible that Elvis’ granddaughter, age 20, is engaged. You will also find that I am Elvis-obsessed. If this is true, it would make me happy if the public got to see a photo of the dress/ceremony. I am sappily romantic. 🙂
——Should you happen to know an Elvis impersonator, Elvis Presley Enterprises is seeking a 2008 Tribute Artist. If the decision were mine, I would definitely consider Antoniu Petrescu. Antoniu is a Romanian priest who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator….listen to “Don’t Cry , Daddy” and you will hear only a little difference between his voice and that of Elvis. Antoniu does a lot of the Gospel pieces that Elvis recorded.

9. Violence to start the New Year:
—–Belgium on “Maximum Alert” for a possible New Year’s attack.
—–27 were wounded while celebrating New Year’s when a bomb exploded in a Thai tourist town.

10. The Santa Cigarettes Caper


Your turn…leave a link to something interesting on your blog in the comments. It doesn’t have to be a list of 10 things, but I will admire you a lot if it is.:-)


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