Saturday’s 10

January 5, 2008 at 12:03 am | Posted in Saturday's 10 | Leave a comment

1. Human Tetris. I have seen other episodes of this. I would like to see that last position done successfully. The outfits remind me of the movie “Tron.”

2. Cake…cake is a frequent theme in my life:
—–Strawberry Ripple Cake…can use either fresh or frozen strawberries.
—–Healthy Devil’s Food Cake
—–Pineapple Coconut Rum Cake

3. The battle for James Brown’s estate rages on. A LOT of people are involved….a LOT of whom are lawyers.

4. Would Hillary really make her husband a Supreme Court Justice? Do you think he would do a good job?

5. It has always been assumed that the Pueblo Indians did not drink alcohol until civilization came…new findings show that the Pueblos may have made beer out of corn.

6. Mel Gibson tops list of most powerful Christians in Hollywood. How many other Christians celebrities openly talk about their religious beliefs? Mel was actually the only one on the list that I knew was openly Christian.
—–Mel Gibson predicts world will end in 2012. What knowledge would make the Mayans able to know when the world would end???

7. O.J.’s children embarrassed by him and he is planning to move to Cuba?
I am sure that he is embarrassed for them,too. I don’t know about fleeing to Cuba…I certainly wouldn’t risk further legal consequences by doing this.

8. “My Obama Problem”

9. The “Trash the Dress” Wedding Photo trend. I have a problem with this….the dress I wore for my wedding has a LOT of sentimental value to me. I couldn’t imagine willingly doing this.

10. Bank of America cutting costs…by eliminating soap in the employee breakroom??? Let us hope that other companies don’t follow suit.


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