Monday’s 10

January 7, 2008 at 12:00 am | Posted in Monday's 10 | Leave a comment

1. I didn’t know that you can get a wedding greeting from the White House.

2. “Transformers” is still in the running for a Visual Special Effects Oscar. I did like this movie’s effects but I would vote for “Golden Compass” out of the movies listed.

3. I want to recreate Star Wars from my garage. That would be awesome. 🙂

4. One man made a lot of statements about consumerism this Christmas, including Santa on a cross.

5. Interesting….when Niagara Falls has “frozen.” Would you go out to the riverbed and recover artifacts?

6. NBC has released the 2nd “Knight Rider” spot. KITT does seem a lot like the original character, at least here. I am reserving judgement on how I feel about this movie/series.

7. An atheist files a discrimination suit against Wal-Mart. Why?….because he claims that he was fired after refusing to dress up as Santa Claus.

8. Coffee made from cat poop arrives in The States. Yes, you read that right. I had only about this being a trend in foreign countries before now. Will you try some?…the proceeds go to charity.

9. The author Terry Prachett has Alzheimer’s. 😦

10. That’s PRETTY…rainbow in Niagara Falls.
Husband informs me that this is a “permanent rainbow”….often when the sun shines at Niagara Falls, there is a rainbow. 🙂

Your turn. Tell me about something interesting on your blog. Hopefully we all share something interesting with each other.


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