Tuesday’s 10

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1. Cinnamon and Lime Chicken Fajitas. BellaOnline’s Diabetes site. Cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar.

2. Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake. Sauerkraut and cake????

3. Mexican Meatball Soup with Rice and Cilantro 

Not feeling well this evening. Going to go take a nap. Hopefully, I will be back to finish this later. I hope that I don’t have the flu.


Tuesday’s 10

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1. The best of Star Wars for 2007…you will learn that I am obsessed with Star Wars. I remember obsessively waiting for updates on what would be occuring at the Rosebowl Parade. We bought the stamps…but I never saw the mailboxes. I especially like the collectibles…though I am sad that this was the year Husband had to start over on my Princess Leia outfit (the metal was too heavy). I could go on for some time on Star Wars…but on to item Number 2.

2. Spaceballs: “Use Your Schwartz ” hat and various Druish Princess items

3. Recipe: Peach and Coconut Upside Down Cake

4. In May, there will be a Chris Farley biography.


I heard about “Resolution, Resolution” last year…Mark Day is funny. What are your resolutions and what do you think of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq?

6. Pineapple Cherry Cake: “A pink cake with pineapple and nuts. This is a traditional favorite. It’s very pretty too! It tastes great with cream cheese icing and coconut sprinkled on the top.”

7. R.I.P. John de Becker…anti-Nazi Austrian army officer.
Speaking of Hitler, there was a misunderstanding recently in which it was reported that Will Smith was praising Hitler…such was not the case.

8. Elvis:

—–It is possible that Elvis’ granddaughter, age 20, is engaged. You will also find that I am Elvis-obsessed. If this is true, it would make me happy if the public got to see a photo of the dress/ceremony. I am sappily romantic. ­čÖé
——Should you happen to know an Elvis impersonator, Elvis Presley Enterprises is seeking a 2008 Tribute Artist. If the decision were mine, I would definitely consider Antoniu Petrescu. Antoniu is a Romanian priest who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator….listen to “Don’t Cry , Daddy” and you will hear only a little difference between his voice and that of Elvis. Antoniu does a lot of the Gospel pieces that Elvis recorded.

9. Violence to start the New Year:
—–Belgium on “Maximum Alert” for a possible New Year’s attack.
—–27 were wounded while celebrating New Year’s when a bomb exploded in a Thai tourist town.

10. The Santa Cigarettes Caper


Your turn…leave a link to something interesting on your blog in the comments. It doesn’t have to be a list of 10 things, but I will admire you a lot if it is.:-)

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