Tuesday’s 5

January 1, 2008 at 12:00 am | Posted in Tuesday's 5 | Leave a comment

1. Do you feel respected at your workplace? How do you feel disrespected at your workplace? What can you do to improve your work situation?

2. Tell us about a dish that is special to your hometown or your family.

3. What U.S. Presidential candidate do you find most trustworthy? Which do you find least trustworthy?

4. What is your favorite book? Tell about your favorite character in that book. Is there something you dislike about your favorite character in that piece?

5. If there was a fire at your house, which room would you least mind burning down? Why?


Your turn. Answer one or all of these on your blog. Provide a link back here and leave a link to the location of your answer(s) on your blog in the comments. Enjoy thinking.


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