Saturday’s 5

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1. What do you use as a combat against stress?

2. What made you smile today? I ask this question a lot.

3. What was the last thing that made you angry?

4. What is your favorite high school memory?

5. What is your “song”? Not the song that you and your significant other dance to…but a song that should be your anthem.

Answer one of more of these questions on your blog and then link back to this meme. I hope some nice discussion results…people are interesting.


Friday’s 10

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1. “Drunken Watermelon on Tap”

2. Soap:
—–“What to do with Hotel Soap”
—–Handsoap….a little scary-looking

3. I find this pumpkin photo funny.

4. There will now be a “Hello Kitty” for boys and men.

5. Jesse Jackson is supporting Obama but his wife is supporting Hillary.

6. Ricardo Munoz singing “Apologize” for a contest on YouTube.


Suburban Legends video for “Infectious.” I can’t really figure out what genre I would classify this into.

OK…I was having all sorts of computer’s problems…so, I am cutting it off there. I hope that you find something interesting and blog about it today. Let me know in the comments if there is something interesting up on your blog.

Friday’s 5

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1. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen in the sky?

2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen flushed down the toilet?

3. Do you like your handwriting?

4. What was the worst fictional book you ever read about?

5. How many magazines do you subscribe to?

Answer one or all….link back to this meme so people will know what you are talking about. Have fun!!!!!!!!


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Thursday’s are a day off here as I am participating in “Thursday Thirteen”-a meme that I highly recommend.

Hump Day’s 10

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1. Lemon Poppy Seed Cake (recipe)…contains raw foods including jicama and apple. The slices look beautiful.

2. Icebox Peppermint Yule Log…yes, I would make a Yule log after Christmas.

3. Black Cherry Jell-O Cake

4. Pink Champagne Cake…people like to make this at New Year’s. I hope you enjoyed whatever New Year’s festivities.

5. Huckleberry Pie Cake. I wish that I knew where to get some huckleberries. I do know where to get great huckleberry syrup and jam.

6. Amish Rolled Oats Cake. Apparently, an old recipe.

7. Country Apple Crumb Cake. Described as moist…I like moist crumb cakes.

8. Apple Butter Spice Cake

9. Blueberry Gingerbread Cake. I have never had a gingerbread cake.

10. Blueberry Banana Cake

In case you are wondering, I just had some really good homemade cheesecake…one piece, though I would have loved to have eaten half. I guess that would spoil the effects of my workout…following this tape that must have thought I was a contortionist as they kept telling me to touch various body parts to my nose.

Your turn….leave a link about something interesting on your blog in the comments. 🙂

Hump Day’s 5 (I hate spelling Wed.)

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1. What is your least favorite Christmas song? What was your favorite holiday moment this year?

2. If everyone you know and love willingly moved to a war-torn country ruled by a bloody dictator would you move, too?

3. What is the name of your favorite nail polish? If you are a man that doesn’t wear nail polish, what color do you think is the prettiest? See, I asked a question that everyone could answer?

4. What country do you think of as the most peaceful?

5. Have you played in the snow yet this year? If you have no snow, have you played in a puddle?

Your turn….answer one (or more) of these questions on your own blog and then link back to this meme (so people will know what you are talking about). Let me know in the comments that you participated. 🙂


Tuesday’s 10

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1. The best of Star Wars for 2007…you will learn that I am obsessed with Star Wars. I remember obsessively waiting for updates on what would be occuring at the Rosebowl Parade. We bought the stamps…but I never saw the mailboxes. I especially like the collectibles…though I am sad that this was the year Husband had to start over on my Princess Leia outfit (the metal was too heavy). I could go on for some time on Star Wars…but on to item Number 2.

2. Spaceballs: “Use Your Schwartz ” hat and various Druish Princess items

3. Recipe: Peach and Coconut Upside Down Cake

4. In May, there will be a Chris Farley biography.


I heard about “Resolution, Resolution” last year…Mark Day is funny. What are your resolutions and what do you think of U.S. foreign policy in Iraq?

6. Pineapple Cherry Cake: “A pink cake with pineapple and nuts. This is a traditional favorite. It’s very pretty too! It tastes great with cream cheese icing and coconut sprinkled on the top.”

7. R.I.P. John de Becker…anti-Nazi Austrian army officer.
Speaking of Hitler, there was a misunderstanding recently in which it was reported that Will Smith was praising Hitler…such was not the case.

8. Elvis:

—–It is possible that Elvis’ granddaughter, age 20, is engaged. You will also find that I am Elvis-obsessed. If this is true, it would make me happy if the public got to see a photo of the dress/ceremony. I am sappily romantic. 🙂
——Should you happen to know an Elvis impersonator, Elvis Presley Enterprises is seeking a 2008 Tribute Artist. If the decision were mine, I would definitely consider Antoniu Petrescu. Antoniu is a Romanian priest who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator….listen to “Don’t Cry , Daddy” and you will hear only a little difference between his voice and that of Elvis. Antoniu does a lot of the Gospel pieces that Elvis recorded.

9. Violence to start the New Year:
—–Belgium on “Maximum Alert” for a possible New Year’s attack.
—–27 were wounded while celebrating New Year’s when a bomb exploded in a Thai tourist town.

10. The Santa Cigarettes Caper


Your turn…leave a link to something interesting on your blog in the comments. It doesn’t have to be a list of 10 things, but I will admire you a lot if it is.:-)

Tuesday’s 5

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1. Do you feel respected at your workplace? How do you feel disrespected at your workplace? What can you do to improve your work situation?

2. Tell us about a dish that is special to your hometown or your family.

3. What U.S. Presidential candidate do you find most trustworthy? Which do you find least trustworthy?

4. What is your favorite book? Tell about your favorite character in that book. Is there something you dislike about your favorite character in that piece?

5. If there was a fire at your house, which room would you least mind burning down? Why?


Your turn. Answer one or all of these on your blog. Provide a link back here and leave a link to the location of your answer(s) on your blog in the comments. Enjoy thinking.

The Basics

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Welcome to my new set of memes.

For the 5s: There are 5 questions. You can answer all or just some of them. Answer on your blog and link back to the specific meme for that day…so, people know what you are talking about. Memes don’t have to be completed on the day that I post them…this is meant to be an ongoing and fun time. I will point the world to your answers…I am sure they will be great.

For the 10s: I will post 10 things that I find of interest. You can post one or more things (not the same as my things) on your blog). I applaud anyone who makes an effort to list 10 things….especially every day. Please link back to the meme for the specific day. Have a LOT of fun with this and feel free to comment on each others things.

Be a good participator… please, provide a link back to the memes of those who visit you.

Visit my other blog “A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop.”

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